Flying Dutchman Enterprises

established in 2017



The owner established in 2017 the foundation Stichting Trias Neerlandica in The Netherlands. An non-profit organization that stimulated exchange between South Africa and Dutch learners and students between 15 and 23 years old. Trias Neerlandica referred to shared cultural heritage based on language, history and social themes.

Educational center The Flying Dutchman

We like to work together with business partners and we want to establish an educational centre for disadvantaged youth to create opportunities. We will explore locations in 2024.

Cooperation with SASNEV

Suid Afrikaanse Sentrum vir Nederland en Vlaandere, SASNEV, is a dynamic, independent center where the cultural interests of The Netherlands, Flanders and South Africa meet, primarily aimed at Afrikaans-speaking South Africans, and with the purpose of achieving shared language and other cultural experiences through demand-driven projects. One of the projects that Stichting Trias Neerlandica has sponsored in the past was the school method ‘Eenders en Anders’, a lesson package for Eenders & Anders aims to South African learners who use Afrikaans as their home language undertake to introduce the Dutch and Flemish language, culture and literature. Eenders & Anders is a series of lesson packages for grades 6 to 11. For each grade there is a relevant theme, a learner’s book and a teacher’s guide which together form a constitute package. The whole series therefore consists of 12 books.With Dutch learners form high schools we have organized cultural exchange programs with Groenberg Secondary School in Grabouw.

With SASNEV we work together on a project basis. Projects that stimulates shared cultural heritage and exhange opportunities for learners, students and young professionals. The Flying Dutchman also like to organize activities within the SASNEV cultural center in Cape Town.

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